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Related post: previous residents about their travels. Read from it freely and also add to the library if you finish books here and do not want to carry them home, but please do not take any of the house books with you without signing them out. Good books are often hard to find here, and we want to maintain the library for future visitors. Hard back books are expensive and were brought here at the expense of the weight of other items, please do not take them without Ndege House 1 also contains a large number of medical books for your use. There are desks available for reading and study (however, in the dry season there is a hammock (in Ndege House 1's pantry) and chairs in the side yard just outside on the west side of the compound. You are welcome to light a fire on cold evenings, and play games here as well. Tap water is unsafe to drink. We will try to keep boiled and filtered water available for your use in the laundry room in Ndege House 1. Some of you (particularly the taller ones) will be asked to help pour clean water into the filter at the right of the sink. You can help by filling empty water bottles when you see them empty or by carrying them back from the dining room after meals. Your assistance will be appreciated-this is a quite a time- consuming job. There should be about 12 full water bottles in the refrigerator at all times. The water treatment to ensure safety is: 1. Boil for 10 minutes. Please help us track the time it after it comes to a rolling boil !! 2. After the water cools in holding buckets beneath the sink, it is filtered through ceramic 3. The water is then poured into bottles for your use. A plastic bottle of boiled water with a plastic cup has been placed in your room for tooth brushing, taking medications, et cetera. Refill it whenever you need to do so. All empty bottles will be washed with hot, soapy water and air dried. When you buy bottled water, we will gladly take the empty ones for reuse. You may take the small bottles on safari, but please return them. In the refrigerator in Ndege House 1 are a variety of drinks you are welcomed to consume. The cost of a soda is Ksh 15/= each and beer is Ksh 60/= each. Coke Light is the only diet drink available (sometimes) and costs a bit more. We ask that you record each drink you take. You will be charged for drinks as you leave, but we take weekly payments. This is on the honor system. Furnishing drinks is not a profit making enterprise! You can help too by restocking sodas from the pantry in Ndege House 1 when the baridi stock in the fridge gets Most people opt to do their own laundry in the washing machine. There are now two washing machines in the compound, and one at Purdue House. One Buy Benazepril / Amlodipine is in the main laundry room in Ndege House 1, and the second washer is in the kitchen- room in Maua House 4. Please follow the instructions on each machine and ask Shawn, Margaret, Lucy or Elisha before using so that we might coordinate our house needs with your private laundry needs. If you simply do not want to do your wash, you can arrange with Margaret, Lucy, or Janet to have it done at KSh 100/= per wash load (that’s less than a laundromat at home!!) and KSh 150/= for ironing. If you leave laundry in the laundry room to be washed by someone else, please label it with your name. Drying clothes is au naturale in the wonderful Kenyan sun. In the rainy season clothes can dry on the hot water heaters or on hangers in heater closets. There is an iron and ironing board available in the laundry rooms for Color-coded to each house (well, almost), sheets, towels, wash cloths and soap are kept over the water heaters. If you cannot find what you need, please let us know. When you leave Eldoret for the last time, please strip your beds and leave the linens outside your All the houses are on a septic system. PLEASE, PLEASE do not put anything down the toilets other than human waste or toilet paper!!!!! We would not put this in except that people have put razors, lotion containers, and much more into the system. It is expensive to repair!!!! Elisha, Lucy, Margaret, and Janet clean the houses on a rotating, regular basis. If you wish for them to clean your room, please leave the door to your room open. If your door is shut, they will know that you do not wish that your room be cleaned that day. If you have a particular cleaning need, please let us know. We try to keep things as clean as possible. Sometimes the rainy season and high traffic defy us. If you want your sheets washed, please inform us in the morning. We try to keep toilet paper, light bulbs, soap cleaning supplies and tissue stocked in each house. Do not hesitate to ask us to replace them if they are The Indiana University School of Medicine Internal Medicine Department plus philanthropic donations largely support the general funding of the Indiana University – Moi University Faculty of Health Sciences collaboration. Schools in the ASANTE Consortium also contribute toward some of our overhead. The IU Houses run largely on the funds of the host family and their guests. For this reason, we have asked our IU guests to contribute to help defray the costs of meals and utilities, and our non-IU guests are asked a modest additional amount to help offset administrative costs their presence entails. We hope that most of you have paid Ron Pettigrew prior to your arrival. Expenses you may incur while you live in the IU House include costs for email, telephone usage, stamps, laundry, Swahili lessons (approximately $20 per week if you participate on a daily basis ~ and we do encourage you to do so), your share in costs of weekend trips (lodging and gas), personal travel expenses and personal spending money. We provide soda and beer to you at cost – 15 shillings per soda and 60 shillings per beer. We will try to keep it stocked with your available preferences in the laundry room refrigerator in Ndege House 1. Please write your purchases down on the refrigerator. The money for drinks will come out of Shawn and Chero’s pockets otherwise and they may not have enough money left to get home. Coke Light is rare and costs more. Wycliffe Agesa is the kiswahili tutor. His charges are approximately KSh 300 per hour for lessons for individual lessons and a sliding rate for group lessons. Check with Wycliffe – rates occasionally change. Again, we would encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Even a few lessons will get you through the basics of shopping, greetings, bargaining, and basic medical terms you will hear daily, and Wycliffe is a long-suffering Movable Lunar Date Good Friday and Easter Monday (Christian) May 1 Labour Day June 1 Madaraka Day (Liberty Day) October 10 Moi Day October 20 Kenyatta Day December 12 Jamuhuri Day (Independence Day) December 25 Christmas Day December 26 Boxing Day Movable Lunar Date Eid (Muslim) Your Eldoret address is: Moi University Faculty of Health Sciences Mail takes about 14–21 days going both directions. Mail will be picked up and delivered to the IU House. Please do not send anything important through the mail, e.g., money, checks, credit card information. Incoming packages are usually charged duty and do not always arrive intact ~ or even while you are in the country; therefore, we advise against having anyone send you “care packages” while you are here. We usually have stamps in the Office. Peninah has post cards available in her store. Leave postcards and other things in the office in Wanyama House 3. Yusuf will pick up mail Monday – Friday morning to post and deliver any incoming mail when he returns from collecting it at the Moi University FHS. Postage to the US in shillings is: Small Postcards 40.00 shillings Large Postcards 60.00 shillings Letters (air mail) 80.00 shillings These prices can fluctuate. It will not hurt to double check when you send letters. Please note that you must add your country’s international dialing code (011 for the USA) if placing a call to Kenya. You must also drop the ‘0’ in front of the city code for these types of calls. For example, to reach the Ndege House 1 Sitting Room from the USA, you would dial 011-254-53-2032484. To call that number from Nairobi, dial 053- IU House Main Office +254 (0)53-2061222 IU House Fax +254 (0)53-2033512 IU House Office Alternative +254 (0)53-2033513 IU House – Ndege House 1 Sitting Room (to contact visitors) +254 (0)53-2032484 Shawn Woodin’s Mobile Number/Emergency Contact +254 (0)723 942-234 Joe Mamlin’s Mobile Number +254 (0)722 374 558 Kenya is 8 hours ahead of Indianapolis (midnight in Indy is 8 a.m. in Eldoret). The optimal time to receive calls is in the morning (7–8 a.m.) or in the evening (7–9 p.m.). Please make sure no non-emergency calls come in the middle of the night (midnight to 6 AM) as no one may answer the phone at that time. For emergency calls, use Shawn’s mobile number above. Calling the US can be very expensive and variable – up to as much as $3.00 per minute. It is much cheaper for folks at home to call you. The best rates from the US are from the major carriers with a special overseas rate. You can get information from any carrier. There are two ways to call the US from the IU house. You can use the KENYA POST AND COMMUNICATION network dialing 000-1 (for the US), your Area Code and then the Number. This is a direct connection and must be logged on the TELEPHONE CALL / FAX LOG by the telephone in Ndege House 1 for tracking purposes. The IU House telephone bill is reconciled on a bi-monthly basis. You will be billed for the calls made by you. Logging calls is very important because we have experienced toll fraud on this line and must be able to account for every call placed from this number. We will pay for local calls, but you are expected to tally international calls and Kenyan long distance calls before you leave. You can settle these with Shawn or Dunia before you go. We also ask you record all calls to mobile phones - those beginning in 0721, 0722, 0723, 0733 or 0734 in the Log Book. If you do choose to call the US and chat without a calling card, we ask you to pay $3.00 per minute to pay
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